In 1965 Dwight Axe began as a cook for the Happy Humpty Restaurant in St. Mary’s Ohio for $.80 an hour.

Dwight continued working for the Lucky Steer chain as he moved to the Wapakoneta Happy Humpty as a manager.

As the years passed, he moved up the chain to district manager in charge of five stores in Ohio and Indiana.

He eventually purchased the Wapak store with his wife Carmen in 1983. The couple met as teenagers in the restaurant.

Throughout the years, the Wapak Happy Humpty grew from a small coffee shop with a bar and drive-up service to the Lucky Steer Restaurant you see today.

Presently the restaurant is owned and operated by Dwight and Carmen’s daughter Stefanie, along with her husband Aaron Holtz.

The restaurant has been in the Axe family for over 30 years. Staying family owned and operated is very important to the family as it means attention to detail and quality of service and products.

Sit back and enjoy the company, food and quality of service.

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